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The hilarious compilation of animals doing funny stuff. Here is the collection of top 44 hilarious animal compilation from this


  1. Posted by Birdie_Wid, — Reply

    Am I the only one who thought Buffalo Wild Wings the entire time I was looking at the pictures? Just me? Okay.

  2. Posted by mandeasa18, — Reply

    Not sure who’s waisted more time, the person who made this, or me reading it

  3. Posted by keirakitten, — Reply

    I think it depends, if the mom is a chicken then probably the 1st if the mom is a buffalo then the 2nd.

  4. Posted by MasterOfGreed, — Reply

    I like the first one better. The second one looks like something I’d see when I’m hallucinating

  5. Posted by maranatha7476, — Reply

    The first one actually has wings. It's not called "Buffalo Wild Thighs".

  6. Posted by Natsuk1DDLC, — Reply

    The first one cause it’s cute AF

  7. Posted by moradoja, — Reply

    Probably the first one idk why but it feels right

  8. Posted by Apollo7217, — Reply

    the second one looks like a dick...

  9. Posted by TheHolyestGuacamole, — Reply

    I want to know if the person who made this is serious 😂😭

  10. Posted by sarahpingley, — Reply

    Not sure which one I’d rather see at the zoo. Prolly both.

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