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Try on eyebrow shapes with Maybelline's Brow Play Studio to find the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Plus, discover the best brow products for eyebrow shaping.


  1. Posted by ellenpriest2, — Reply

    Giggling about this, I have never had my eyebrows done! I tried to shave them once to thin them down and ended up with half an eyebrow missing and my mom drawing back on and me being embarrassed

  2. Posted by cmick01, — Reply

    Love this product! Doesn't come off when you sweat either!! But beware this product is suppose to be discontinued! I still find some tho!

  3. Posted by pranglnicole, — Reply

    When you have no time, Perfect. looks not wonderful but it's really easy and quickly to do!

  4. Posted by poojachhaya16, — Reply

    Love this product too! It's not extreme so makes your eyebrows look normal.

  5. Posted by airliabellebb, — Reply

    Really good product. Recommend

  6. Posted by thuxinitha37, — Reply

    Buena forma genial☺

  7. Posted by shadlynnchapman, — Reply

    Love it!

  8. Posted by cruz2031, — Reply


  9. Posted by Sweetpea8911, — Reply

    My Go to product

  10. Posted by noemiaraujok24, — Reply

    Natural eyebrows

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