Chocolate Cake


Super moist cake from scratch with creamy chocolate frosting.


  1. Posted by truptichengapa, — Reply

    Excellent recipe,added coffee instead of boiling water and it made the cake a lot more flavoursome.....will keep making this many many times again.Thanks

  2. Posted by viriorozco2, — Reply

    Completely forgot to take a picture of the cake. But I can tell you that everyone loved it including myself and I don’t really like chocolate lol. It was super moist and rich in flavor!!!! Sticking to this recipe !!!

  3. Posted by LiliMM98, — Reply

    Highly recommend you make this cake!! I’ve tried several chocolate cake recipes and none of them compare to this one!! So moist and bouncy, lots of chocolate flavor. I did add one tablespoon of nutella but definitely will be my go too chocolate recipe.

  4. Posted by gabriellaaa_bridges, — Reply

    I’ve made this SO many times and some people offered to buy 😂thx so much for the recipe!😊

  5. Posted by ksmanjusha7, — Reply

    Excellent recipe...many thanks for sharing

  6. Posted by teegan31, — Reply

    Turned out really good!

  7. Posted by alexadelrazo, — Reply

    Muy rico, solo le puse media taza de azúcar menos y quedó muy bien

  8. Posted by 2027laroccaceceliam, — Reply

    oh yummy looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Posted by eunicechawatama, — Reply

    The cake was super moist and nice

  10. Posted by 2012hummingbird, — Reply

    This is so heavenly. Super moist.

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