Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins - Stuck On Sweet


Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins are the perfect breakfast treat. They're moist and crumbly without being dense and have a cinnamon streusel topping!


  1. Posted by raechelsnyder1, — Reply

    Mine came out a little dense even though I made sure not to over mix it. Was still a very good recipe and fun to make (:

  2. Posted by lorijjankowski, — Reply

    December 1st. Muffins came out perfect at the 18 minute mark. 10/10 ... will definitely make these often!

  3. Posted by happy48grams, — Reply

    Well, these were a mess!! Had to clean my oven after "making" them. Followed the recipe exactly and my oven isn't off. They went all over the muffin tin and down the grates and bottom of my oven. I scraped them out of the tin when they cooled and piled the mess on a plate. The taste was actually good, but just looks like a pile of cake pieces and crumbs. This was a one and done for me

  4. Posted by alyssabrochu, — Reply

    Only had skim milk and 0% fat Greek yogurt

  5. Posted by allenfieldhouse, — Reply

    Needed to use at least 2/3 c. of milk

  6. Posted by nathalee777, — Reply

    Muffins? Why yes, I’d love one

  7. Posted by poochie123, — Reply

    Where are the directions. ?

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