Instant Pot Pad Thai - Gluten Free


The easiest and most delicious Instant Pot Pad Thai that you will ever make. It is a perfect comfort food meal made in less than 30 minutes!


  1. Posted by msnc96, — Reply

    I substituted Worcestershire sauce for fish sauce and lemon for lime (that's what I had on hand). Excellent. My instapot has turned me into a more adventurous cook.

  2. Posted by madigan858, — Reply

    Delicious flavor but noodles took more like 20 minutes to cook using the method in the recipe. Next time I will cook noodles separately.

  3. Posted by uniqueattic, — Reply

    The noodles didn’t cook too well in my instant pot - I think I’ll just make them on the stove next time. Still very tasty.

  4. Posted by ratherfly, — Reply

    The flavor was okay, but the noodles made the dish very "gummy." Maybe if the noodles were cooked separately?

  5. Posted by liliaallenlockhart, — Reply

    This has been a comfort dish since I was a child. It sure hits the spot.

  6. Posted by sarahvanderveke, — Reply

    It was delicious

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