[Interview] 'My Country: The New Age' Jang Hyuk Talks About Portraying Lee Bang-won Twice


Jang Hyuk talked about having played a new Lee Bang-won in 'My Country: The New Age'. He recently told SpoTV News, 'Playing Lee Bang-won for the second time definitely filled in some blanks'..


  1. Posted by earthtoyashu, — Reply

    dude i thought that was steven yeun for a hot minute

  2. Posted by mariaortegadorado48, — Reply

    Me gusta mas con el pelo corto y sin bigote

  3. Posted by snehatae3089, — Reply

    He look like jungkook from BTS ❤️

  4. Posted by HazeyChan, — Reply

    Was "like Glenn looks hot" oof

  5. Posted by martharule6610, — Reply


  6. Posted by martinsaffeara650, — Reply

    If he grew his hair out he would look like ozawa

  7. Posted by 09vbzm16ocnzf6rsf38xxtd36srmkv, — Reply


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