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    It is AMAZING. I cut into slices and froze last one. I could pull out a slice in evening, when dessert urge hit. Definitely making again, in fact today. May I suggest pecan flour to those who have not tried it? I am so over almond flour (grit). Pecan is fine as but softer than almond. Much more mouth pleasing.

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    This turned out very tasty and yummy. The cake dies have a heavier texture, but I expected that using almond flour. Was especially impressed with the frosting. I used powdered erythritol - Swerve. Turned our smooth and easily spreadable. Great recipe

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    Mmmm...the nutritional facts don’t seem quite right. There’s no way that a slice of it is only 112 calories.

  5. Posted by joppy91, — Reply

    Did anyone get a brownie thickness cake?? I ended up with more icing than cake...

  6. Posted by sheldurfey, — Reply

    I must have done something wrong, it was hard and tasted funny

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    IMG_4095.jpeg this is great!

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